One of the most powerful ways to promote products is through print marketing. It is said that 56 percent of customers find printed mails and postcards to be most trustworthy pieces of advertisement and 44 percent of customers visit a company website after receiving direct mail. If you add visual effects to your postcards you can capture your audience's imagination right away, and increase your visibility. There are many design options available for your postcard from the elegant, the quirky, smart, sleek, magnificent and others. Here are some of the ways you can add personality to your postcards to capture your customers attention quickly.


You can create impact with your postcards by adding different custom effects to it. Below are some of the top design elements that you can use.


Embossing is a method used to create a three dimensional effect with the help of etched dyes made of different materials such as copper and brass. If you want your postcards to look classy, you can add metal embossing to it.


Foil stamping involves the use of pigment or metallic foil to create a 3D effect. You can give a shimmery look to your postcard with metallic foils. If you want a high tech look, you can use holographic foils. If you use matte pigment foil you will have a postcard that exudes an understated elegance. It you want a glamorous postcard marketing, you can use pearl or leather foils.


Metallic ink can be used for a more lustrous look, instead of the regular black or colored ink. These inks are made of reflective properties and come in silver, copper, gold, and even in vibrant hues including red, blue, and purple.


Your primary purpose in mailing postcards is to get your audience to read your message. If you want to have an effective message, the design elements are important. Here are some of the elements that will make your recipients read your postcard.


Use the postage side space to put some catchy teasers so that the recipients will turn the postcard over. This is the first step to make them read and eventually, respond.


Use proper fonts, bullets, and highlights to deliver information smartly. Bring your reader's attention to specific message points.


Personalize your postcards by including the name of the recipient, address, and personalized salutation on top, and real signature at the end in contrast colored ink to make the reader feel special.


Add an image that is relevant to your copy and must clearly communicate your brand message. Use a photo to depict how users can enjoy the benefits of your products or services.



If you pay attention to visual appeal for your postcard printing, then you can be sure that your postcard will get noticed and help you grow your business. You must grab some of the best postcard marketing information at our site.